Raccoon Repellents - How to Make Raccoon Repellents at Home

Raccoon Repellents – How to Make Raccoon Repellents at Home

Raccoon Repellents. People really don’t like to see a raccoon in their yard. Because of this, they try to buy expensive raccoon repellent. However, an effective raccoon repellent can easily be done at home. You just need to get the right ingredients and mix it up. Below is the list of raccoon repellents that you can use at home for raccoon control.

1. Ammonia

In order to get rid of raccoons in the chimney, you can place a bowl of ammonia in your fireplace. You need to tie rags into the balls and soak the balls in ammonia. After a day, you can already see that your chimney is free of raccoons. If you think that there are other places in your house where a raccoon will live, just place another bowl of ammonia there and you will be able to get rid of these raccoons.

2. Spices

Spices are not only used for food, you can also use it to make a raccoon repellent. In order to prevent raccoons in your house, you just need to sprinkle potent spices around the area. Ground dried hot pepper, ground black pepper and cinnamon are just some of the spices that you can use. The smell of these spices will irritate the raccoons because they are very sensitive to strong smells. Your house will surely be raccoon-free after you do this.

3. Peppers

You can actually make a raccoon-repellent spray by just boiling a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, two liters of water, several hot peppers and an onion for around 20 minutes. After boiling, put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in all parts of your house. You need to spray the mixture that you made every two or three days in order to make sure that the raccoons will be gone.

4. Lights and sprinklers

Motion-activated lights and sprinkles will surely be a key to repel raccoons in your house. These motion-activated lights and sprinklers are not that expensive so you will be able to buy these things.

Before using a raccoon-repellent in your house, make sure that you will able to close all possible openings in your house where the raccoons can get in. These areas include windows, vents and loose siding. You can also put a wire mesh fence in your garden in order to protect your vegetables and plants.

Indeed, you can easily get rid of raccoons in your house if you will just be able to make raccoon repellents by yourself. You will not need to pay money to hire professionals because these raccoon repellents can easily be made. So try make your own raccoon repellent at home now and you will surely get rid of all the raccoons.

Homemade solutions do not always work. For effective raccoon removal call the professionals: 647-557-7932