How To Stop Animals From Digging Up Your Lawn

How To Stop Animals From Digging Up Your Lawn

The lawn is an attractive spot for many animals. For one, raccoons and skunks may visit your lawn to get grubs. They will dig continuously until they see a sign of this gooey white delicacy and will not stop until they are satisfied. Squirrels may dig up your lawn for various reasons. One of these reasons is food storage for them to get back later to. Rats are notorious for digging up lawns to establish burrows that can house separate rat families as well. They will dig their burrow close to a food source and will strategize their placement as an escape route. The rat burrow is an intricate structure made up of several chambers and tunnels for the rats to rest and for food storage.


As you can see, the lawn remains a great place for all kinds of animals to visit and to do their business. Those who have a bird feeder installed on their lawn might be delighted that they attract a flock of small and cute birds. An unfortunate by-product of this is that the seeds stored in the bird-feeder do not only attract birds but also, squirrels, raccoons, and rodents as well such as mice and rats that are in the area to find whatever they can to feed themselves for the day. All of these animals are known as opportunistic animals. As the name might infer, they will take any opportunity to eat whatever they can get their paws on. Raccoons and rats are a nuisance to urban city dwellers, in particular, because they will often go through trash and pillage garbage bags to find their next meal. 

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To first step to stop animals from digging up your lawn is prevention. There are a lot of measures you can take to prevent animals from digging up your lawn right now. To stop the ongoing flow of animals passing by, it is important that you take away any incentive that is luring them to your lawn

Reduce the number of grubs

Reducing the number of grubs will reduce the number of animals frequenting your lawn for grubs. To make sure that they do not have access to grubs, look into applying beneficial “Nematodes” to the soil. Nematodes are small plant-parasitic insects that kill small bugs in soil. Since grubs are what they are after, beneficial nematodes will decrease the population living in your lawn’s soil. 

Barricade your lawn

Installing fencing around your lawn may help in stopping animals from digging up your lawn by physically blocking access to it. Deer fences are a light, yet effective alternative and does not take much time to install. Solid fences make out of wood are another great alternative to stopping animals from digging up your lawn. They might even enhance the aesthetics of your lawn as well. Electric fences are expensive but expensive to install and require a level of maintenance. But they do the job of stopping animals from digging up your lawn. 

Animal repellants to stop animals

Animal repellants are another great way to stop animals from digging up your lawn. There are tons of animal repellants on the market ranging from natural to chemical products. One should approach with caution. Repellants might not do as good of a job as the product makes it out to be. There are a lot of websites on the internet that offer home-remedies. The problem with home remedies is that they will work under very limited circumstances and results may vary greatly depending on how and where you apply them. 

Professional pest control services guarantee a permanent result as these cases are handled by certified pest control technicians that have years of experience stopping animals from digging up your lawn. Professional pest control technicians have experience in getting rid of a range such as the previously mentioned animals that cause trouble to your lawn such as rodents like rats and mice, and wildlife animals such as the raccoon, the squirrel, and skunk. 

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