How to Stop Raccoons From Digging Up the Lawn

How to Stop Raccoons From Digging Up the Lawn

Raccoons are foragers, and it just so happens that their favorite meal lives under your beautiful lawn. Raccoons have no problem tearing up your lawn so they can get to the grubs that live underneath. Unfortunately, all of that digging can damage your lawn and leave it looking a shambles. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent raccoons from tearing up your lawn.

Take Care of the Food Source

Raccoons are highly intelligent. They know that it is not worth expending a lot of energy to obtain their food source. There are a few ways you can take care of the delectable and tempting grubs that raccoons seek.

One way to diminish a raccoon’s food source is to use nematodes in your yard. Nematodes are microscopic worms. They work their way into the soil until they locate the grubs. Once they come into contact, the grubs die within 24 to 48 hours. Nematodes pose no risk to human or animal health. Without the grubs, raccoons will move on in search of food elsewhere.

Another option is to use either bird netting or an electrical fence system. The electrical fence system shocks the raccoon, but does not harm it. If you opt for bird netting, you will want to pin it down over your yard. Raccoons will not want to waste the energy trying to get through the netting to get to the grubs.

Use Traps

Another method is to use a live trap for raccoons. Live traps allow you to effectively capture the animal without harm so you can move it to a safe location for release. Make sure you take the raccoon at least a few miles away from your home before releasing it.

Considering that raccoons may carry diseases proven to be harmful to human health, it is better to let a professional handle the trapping and release. Professionals raccoon removal in Toronto can also use grub killers on your yard that are safe for you and your animals, yet effective at killing the grub population.

Do not hesitate to call a professional for help at the first sign of raccoons digging in your yard. Aside from tearing up your yard, they may also pose risks if they leave feces and urine in your yard. Contact with raccoon feces and urine can lead to a number of bacterial infections. Therefore, working with a professional company is always the best way to handle raccoons.