Why You Need Professional Disinfection Services for Raccoon Poop Removal

Professional Disinfection Services for Raccoon Poop Removal

Raccoon feces are extremely dangerous. It must be properly cleaned or they can cause serious harm to people and animals. If not disinfected after it is cleaned it can cause all kinds of terrible health issues.

A dangerous example of what you can catch from raccoon poop is Raccoon Round Worm (the most common illness with raccoon poop and very easy to catch because the spores are airborne!) Symptoms can include respiratory problems, nausea and a loss of balance! So, stay away from that poop unless you have a respirator and lab-quality goggles.

Giardia is another disease you can get from raccoon poop. It is transmitted through the feces, and can cause stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. So, don’t touch that poop without proper, thick, gloves and sturdy, full covering clothing.

Leptospirosis is another condition you can get from raccoon poop. It can infect anyone who doesn’t use proper protection when dealing with raccoon feces. Symptoms like headaches, jaundice and fever can show up early in the infection but, in rare cases, it can have serious repercussions for the individual. Yea, those repercussions, the bad one. If you catch my drift.

You can try doing it yourself. What chemical should you use? Bleach? Ammonia? Clorox wipes? The truth is there isnt anything strong enough at your local grocery store to deal with sanitation of this severity. What you need are professionals with commercial-grade cleaners and techniques that will actually work and ensure you and your family safety.

Raccoon Control offers professional raccoon removal Toronto and disinfection services in Toronto and the GTA. Raccoon poop removal and disinfection services help to minimize the chances of coming into contact with any infectious pathogens, whether it is on surfaces or furniture. Our services include raccoon feces cleaning, dead animal removal, biohazard cleaning, odour removal, sanitizing and disinfecting, pigeon feces cleaning and disinfection.

Raccoon Control offers 24/7 residential disinfection services throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. With highly trained technicians qualified to safely and effectively rid your home of bad odours and pathogens. Our expertise is unmatched.

Our vast number of services are guaranteed to clean your home effectively. Botanical hospital-grade disinfectants, bio-hazard cleaning, odour removal, surface cleaning, ultra-low volume mist fogging, sanitization and disinfection, dead animal removal.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.