Getting Rid of Raccoons From Your Property

Raccoon Proof Garbage Cans

It’s annoying and frustrating having to wake up in the morning to clean up after a raccoon, and especially if you have a busy schedule lined up. But what is more frustrating is having to deal with this problem every single day. Raccoons can be a menace and will make a habit of knocking down your garbage cans, especially if it fills their tummy. 

If you have been experiencing this, you need two things. First, you might need to contact a professional raccoon removal service in Scarborough like Raccoon Control. The next thing you need to do is get a raccoon-proof garbage bin. It’s important to note that raccoons will topple your trash bins if they are certain they will get food.

 Raccoons are omnivorous animals; they are opportunistic pests that will feed on almost anything. Garbage bins present an easy opportunity to get food, and raccoons will jump at every chance. Preventing raccoons from invading your garbage cans is not an easy task, and as explained, you will need a mix of techniques and professional help. 

Understanding Racoons

Getting professional help to get rid of your raccoon is the best way best way to stop them from foraging through your trash cans and making a mess out of your lawn. However, like any other problem, prevention is better than cure.

Raccoons are very intelligent animals. Unlike other pests, they have a good memory, and will always remember where to get food, drink water and nest. A pack of raccoons could terrorize a neighborhood for months and will keep coming back if there are sufficient food opportunities.

Before we get into all the necessities needed to prevent raccoons from foraging through your garbage bins, it’s very important to understand why raccoons are a constant culprit when it comes to making a mess out if your garbage cans.

  • Raccoons are omnivorous animals and will eat just about anything they find including your leftovers. Their great sense of smell helps lead them to sources of food stashed in your garbage bin. 
  • Raccoons are nocturnal creatures meaning they are most active during the night. They will go through your dumpsters at night when you are fast asleep.
  • Raccoons are smart animals, and with the use of their dexterous paws, they can effectively open garbage bins and go through its contents. 
  • Raccoons are intelligent and persistent pests. They have demonstrated the ability to learn how to operate certain mechanisms. 

Importance of keeping raccoons out of your garbage cans

Raccoons are smart and agile animals and will use any means necessary to get access into your trash cans. As you sleep, they will creep into your lawn and tip over your garbage cans to feed on its contents. If you constantly find your garbage tipped over your lawn, it’s a sure sign you have a raccoon problem. You will also be able to notice the animal’s distinct tracks and droppings.

Disease and Damage

Apart from making a mess of your lawn or driveway, raccoons going through your trash have the capability of damaging your property. Raccoons can easily climb up your attic and build a home if they feel your trash provides sufficient food.  Once they get into your attic, garage or shed, they can chew through your electricals, and damage your structures looking for nesting material. They will also soil your attic with urine feces which damage your attic insulation.

Raccoons are also known to transmit certain diseases to humans. Raccoons are aggressive and territorial. A bite from a rabid raccoon may spread rabies, which makes approaching them very dangerous. They are also known to transmit diseases such as leptospirosis that have the capability of affecting both your family and pets. Raccoons foraging through your garbage is often an indicator that a nesting ground has been established, and possibly even in your property. 

Wild raccoons will bite and scratch when cornered. Therefore, to avoid damage and dangerous diseases, property owners should never attempt to remove the animals without professional advice. Instead, contact our raccoon control office for help.

Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins

The best action you can take to discourage raccoons from raiding your garbage bins is to store all the garbage indoors or inside a secure building. The main problem with this is that storing garbage inside your home presents its own set of disadvantages. You could be presenting other pests with an opportunity to thrive inside your home. Keeping trash indoors is unhygienic and poses a health risk.

Therefore, the best possible way to prevent raccoons from raiding your garbage apart from getting rid of them is to purchase raccoon resistant garbage cans or buying special green bin straps. They might not be 100% effective, however; the best-selling product will have the following characteristics.

  • A tight sealing lid and door to help reduce the odor. If possible, get one with a screw on lid. 
  • Strong latches and hinges that cannot be pried open by raccoons. If you can simply open it with a crowbar, then it can be opened by a raccoon.
  • Made from strong material that raccoons can not easily scratch or chew through. 

Before you purchase a raccoon-proof garbage bin it is important to check your waste management service or city office to find out if any receptacles are acceptable. If your garbage bin is moveable, ensure that it is secured to prevent raccoons from tipping it over.

Alternative methods to proof garbage cans

  • Raccoons might be smart, but you can be smarter by changing your trashing habits. If you put your garbage for pick-up in the evening, swap it for the morning instead of the night before. Raccoons are nocturnal, and most of their foraging is done at night. Waking up early in the morning could save you from a lot of cleaning up. 
  • Whether your garbage is constantly out or you only take it out during trash day, proper placement is very important. If your garbage can is stored outside, place it in a protected place or secure them from your home. Don’t place garbage bags on your curb, protect them inside a garbage can secure lids with a bungee cord through the handles and across the lid. You could also place a weight on the lid, although, raccoons could still easily tip it over. 

The best way to get rid of raccoons is by getting professional help. An animal removal service will not only help you get rid of the raccoons but also help you keep them away from good. The will advise you on best practices and exclusion. If you have raccoons constantly going through your garbage and making a mess, contact our Raccoon Control company. We will be more than glad to help you solve your raccoon problem.