How Do Possums and Raccoons Differ?

Why do Raccoons Often Live in Garages?

A garage can provide great shelter for Raccoons from wind, rain and snow, and if an easy entry point is provided for them, like an open window, a roof vent or an open door, why would a Raccoon not live in a garage? If you happen to have pets living in the garage, like cats or dogs, Raccoons will be happy to eat their food, and a heating system is all the more inviting to them, as it provides an even more comfortable environment to live in. Also, don’t forget that once spring rolls around, and Raccoons are getting ready to have their babies, a safe, quiet and undisturbed garage with food, water and warm temperatures will make a perfect place to give birth. So, if your garage has become home to some furry, uninvited masked guests, no matter the circumstances, a fully-licensed technician in Toronto from wildlife Raccooncontrol will be happy to solve the problem for you!

Equipped with all the proper removal, exclusion and safety gear, our technicians will be on the scene to inspect your property and remove raccoons in a humane and efficient manner, as well as repair any damage done by the animals and take preventative actions to ensure the problem never arises again. If babies are present, the young and mother will both be removed, and our technicians will release them together, providing them with water and shelter for the time being. The mother will then seek-out a new den to relocate her babies, while our technicians begin to repair any damages the animals may have caused to prevent them from returning anytime in the future. Keep Raccoons from living in your garage and protect your property from Raccoon destruction with Raccoon Control!