Raccoon Poop Removal​

Why to Disinfect Your Deck After Raccoon Feces Removal

Raccoon feces are extremely dangerous. It must be properly cleaned or they can cause serious harm to people and animals. Especially if it’s right in your own backyard. A deck is an especially bad place for raccoons to poop because if left too long the wood can be ruined. No one wants to replace their deck! Call our professional raccoon poop removal services for fast and reliable services.

Your deck is a place your family likely uses a lot. If there was a latrine there then you have to get rid of it right away, but getting rid of it isn’t enough. You also have to sterilize the area to ensure your family doesn’t catch illness like roundworm and giardia which can be fatal. You must use a variety of techniques to clean the area, including boiling water and possibly a blow torch.

You will need to have a lot of gear to clean the poop yourself, ventilator, googles, and fully covering clothing. You will need to double-bag the poop in garbage bags and seal them tightly. You will need to store the poop in locked garbage containers or other raccoons will be attracted to it. You will then need to either boil or dispose of any tools you used to clean up the latrine like a shovel. Roundworm spores are very pervasive and will have coated you and your equipment which is why it’s important to change your clothes before going back inside and either boiling them as well or disposing of them.

When this is complete you will need to sterilize the area. Chemicals from the grocery store are not strong enough so you will need to use boiling water. And scrubbing, a lot of scrubbing. The dirt under the deck is also a danger so it will have to be dug up a few feet worth. You should dispose of this as well. Raccoon Control offers expert raccoon removal Toronto solutions, call us and book an inspection.