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Can Raccoon Invasion in Attic Lead to Tick Infestation?

Raccoons, Ticks. How frequently the twain meets.  Now if you are afraid of Lyme disease, and you should be. Then you have another great reason to stay far, far away from raccoons and call professional raccoon removal Markham.

Where do ticks come from?

Like most insects, they live in brush and tall grasses, piles of leaves and bushes. Any animal that comes in contact with these places is likely to catch fleas or another blood-sucking parasite. The tick is one of the most dangerous, though.

Ticks are especially common in piles of leaves that your favourite pet likes to jump in. That’s how they catch ticks. Raccoons usually catch them from crawling around in wooded areas. In both cases, the animals are at risk of Lyme disease, and in both cases, so are you.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. It can be transmitted to humans from any animal that has ticks. The symptoms include47. The most common sign is a rash. A later effect can be memory loss. If you catch it early you can resolve the issue with antibiotics, but if left unchecked it can be fatal.

Raccoons and fleas

Raccoons carry other pests into a home when they break-in. While less dangerous than ticks, fleas can drive a person mad. All a flea needs is fur and warm blood to feed on. If you’re looking to avoid ticks you need only stay home, but if you feel the call of the wild and want to go play in some leaves then make sure to come prepared. Wear pants and socks, shower as soon as you get home, check yourself for ticks after. You can also try wearing a tick repellent on your skin and clothing.

Lice can also be brought into the house by raccoons. They are hard as hell to get rid of and love humans.

Raccoons in your attic

Raccoons get into your attic usually through chewing a hole or ripping off a vent or piece of siding. They crawl around in the inner workings of the house leaving all sorts of treats. But in this case its ticks with Lyme disease. They will infest your pets, and even you. Which is why you need to call a professional the moment you think you have a wild animal in your home. Don’t try to deal with it on your own, you’ll put yourself and others in danger. Call Raccoon Control to handle all your wildlife needs, from raccoons to skunks and everything in between.