Signs a raccoon might be rabid

Raccoons Infestation and Diseases Transition

Raccoon poop. You can call it by a prettier name: Defecation, feces, sh*t, but when it comes to raccoons, nothing is worse than its poop.

Raccoon poop contains (get ready, it’s a scary list!):

  1. Raccoon Round Worm (the most common illness with raccoon poop and very easy to catch because the spores are airborne!) Symptoms can include respiratory problems, nausea and a loss of balance! So, stay away from that poop unless you have a respirator and lab-quality goggles.
  2. Giardia is another disease you can get from raccoon poop. It is transmitted through the feces and can cause stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. So, don’t touch that poop without proper, thick, gloves and sturdy, full covering clothing.
  3. Leptospirosis is another condition you can get from raccoon poop. It can infect anyone who doesn’t use proper protection when dealing with raccoon feces. Symptoms like headaches, jaundice and fever can show up early in the infection but, in rare cases, it can have serious repercussions for the individual. Yea, those repercussions, the bad one. If you catch my drift.

If this doesn’t worry you, there’s more. Raccoons don’t care about the safety of your home. They will happily fill your walls and attic with poop that can endanger the safety of your whole family. Trying to remove the poop on your own could easily lead to serious health problems, as you’ve seen above. That’s why its best to leave it to the professionals. Call Raccoon Control, we have your back!

Our technicians are decked out with the latest tools of the trade. We can not only remove the feces and the soiled insulation, but we will use commercial grade disinfectants and sterilize the area to prevent any of the toxins in the raccoon poop from infecting your family. By the time we are finished with that poop, it will be a faded memory of a time when your attic once had raccoon poop in it.

Not just that, we can replace your insulation with high-quality cellulose insulation. Fire retardant and warm as summer in Barcelona.

If that’s not enough, check out the price!

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