Do Raccoons have any natural predators?

Do Raccoons Have any Natural Predators?

Raccoons have an abundance of natural predators. Raccoons are know for inhabiting urban areas which is why hiring a professional raccoon removal service in Toronto is not only highly advisable, but necessary! where they can cause a great deal of damage to private and commercial properties, and in these environments they are often at the top of the food chain. However, many city dwellers are unaware that in their own backyard there are predators like coyotes, hawks and even owls, which will quite often kill and eat medium to large-sized animals, such as Raccoons. Additionally, nearby woodlots, valleys, meadows and fields in urban areas can provide nearly ideal habitats for apex urban predators.

Hawk species like Red-tailed, Rough-legged and Cooper’s Hawks are more than large enough to attack and kill full-sized adult raccoons, and Coyotes are well-known for hunting them as well. Nocturnal predators, like owls, will hunt raccoons as they forage for food along stream banks or in city parks during the night. Additionally, during breeding season, male raccoons have been know for engaging in brutal fights with females, determined to kill her babies. This is believed to be an evolutionary mechanism displayed by male Raccoons designed to eliminate the offspring of other males while allowing their own to pass on. However, if your property is infested with Raccoons, it’s more than likely that natural predators won’t do much to solve your problem, as attics, crawl spaces and garages, common places that raccoons invade, are well protected against Hawks, Owls and Coyotes. You need the Professionals!

Equipped with all the proper removal, exclusion and safety gear, our technicians will be on the scene to inspect your property and remove raccoons in a humane and efficient manner, as well as repair any damage done by the animals and take preventative actions to ensure the problem never arises again. If babies are present, the young and mother will both be removed, and our technicians will release them together, providing them with water and shelter for the time being. The mother will then seek-out a new den to relocate her babies, while our technicians begin to repair any damages the animals may have caused to prevent them from returning anytime in the future. If you’ve got raccoon problems, you can’t always rely on a Raccoons natural predators to solve the issue. Always remember that Raccoon Control is in your corner!