Case Study: Raccoon Feces Removed from Deck in Mississauga

The following article details a raccoon feces removal service in Mississauga. A small pile of feces was removed from a family’s deck and the area was disinfected thoroughly. This removed all germs and odours in the process. If you are concerned about the raccoons in your area, give us a call. We provide raccoon feces removal and wildlife removal services across the GTA.

Inspection and Treatment

The owners of this single-family home gave us a call when they discovered raccoon droppings on their back deck. This is unfortunately a common occurrence in Mississauga. Raccoons live in the decks, sheds, and attics of suburban homes and leave piles of droppings on the ground. These piles are known as latrines, and they get worse with time. Raccoons like to deposit their feces in the same locations, over and over. The latrines therefore get larger and pose a larger threat to the neighbourhood’s health. A technician soon arrived to clean up the problem.

Raccoon Feces on Deck
Raccoon feces were found near the patio doors, creating foul odours and posing a health hazard.

Here, the latrine was small. This meant that the animal had just recently moved onto the property or somewhere nearby. To get rid of it, the technician first sprayed it with disinfectant. This would ensure that no germs or parasites would become airborne during the cleanup. He then physically removed the feces and bagged them carefully. The technician then sprayed the area again to remove any remaining germs and odours. Finally, to ensure that no roundworm eggs were left, the technician steam cleaned the deck.

Raccoon Feces Removed from Deck
The feces were removed manually, and the area was thoroughly disinfected to remove all pathogens and parasites.

Raccoons are carriers of a dangerous parasite known as raccoon roundworm. This parasite is quite dangerous to humans and pets, so it is important that raccoon feces be removed properly. Steam cleaning is hot enough to destroy roundworm eggs, eliminating the threat of infection.

A few days later, the homeowner called us back to ask for additional cleaning. More raccoon droppings had appeared on the deck. While we were happy to solve the problem again, this will continue to happen until the animal has left. If you want to keep raccoons away, make sure you don’t leave any food outside. This includes pet food, barbecue scraps, garbage, bird feeders, and vegetables gardens. Call a professional wildlife remover for an inspection of your property and exclude your property from these unwanted guests.

Raccoon Feces on flip flops
More feces were found later, indicating that the raccoon was still living nearby.


Raccoon feces are health hazards that should be removed immediately. They are full of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could make you or your loved ones very sick. The professionals at Raccoon Control use hospital-grade disinfectants and steam cleaners that remove 99.9% of germs and parasites so that you can continue to use your space safely. Call us today for raccoon removal, feces removal, and wildlife-proofing. We remove raccoons humanely and keep them out for good with our guaranteed exclusion.