What to Do If You Noticed Mother Raccoon with Babies Around Your Property

What to Do If You Noticed Mother Raccoon with Babies

It’s not rare to find baby wild animals outside especially during spring going about their day.  Generally, most people often find they should help baby raccoons when they find them alone on their property. However, while they might seem like they need our help. Take precautions until you are certain they need your assistance. In this case, it is better to contact a professional raccoon removal and control service in Markham.

Raccoons like the majority of mammals are great mothers; they take good care of their young ones. When raccoon babies are born, they stay in the nest while the adult female raccoons go out to forage for food to help it produce enough milk to feed its young. After about 12 weeks of nursing, the baby raccoons are finally old enough to follow their mother’s steps out of their nesting area. During this time, they will learn from their mother how to forage for food, and where to find food..

Baby raccoons are dependent on their mother for up to nine months, after which they will go their way. The mother raccoons give birth to up to nine pups. After nine months she will only have two left, after which she will look for a new mate to make another litter during winter.

Although they do nest in trees, the perfect place for raccoons to nest and raise a family is the protected, warm part of your attic or some other area in your home.

Squirrels also like to take up residence in attics and are just as big a nuisance as raccoons. But how can you tell the difference between a raccoon nest and a squirrel nest?

Raccoons build a bed, rather than a nest, and these resourceful creatures are not fussy about what they use for nesting materials. The most commonly used nesting materials for outdoor-dwelling raccoons are hay and long grass.

However, away from the elements inside the haven of your attic, raccoons are quite happy to use your insulation to create a cozy bed. A mother raccoon can wreak havoc in your home by shredding your insulation until she has a pile of material that’s deep enough to burrow inside. Given that adult raccoons grow to the size of a small dog, that’s a lot of insulation!

A squirrel nest tends to be more constructed with care than that of a raccoon, but it isn’t very easy to tell the difference if you don’t know what to look for. For that reason, you are strongly advised to contact a professional baby raccoon removal service to relocate the raccoon or raccoons.